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Global Awareness

Meet your global neighbour! Global Awareness is an educational program designed to promote multi - cultural understanding and appreciation in the classroom.  If you are interested in sharing your culture with American children, Global Awareness is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your own interests and also give something to schools in your local American community.

Recognising the word 'global' is a large concept, and many schools in America recognise that the future of the world lies in our children's knowledge of other cultures.  The Global Awareness Programme addresses this with simple yet interesting activities and presentations that are meaningful to young audiences in the classroom. 
In this last month alone au pairs have held presentations and each time they witness the smiles on the children's faces and the involvement of the children as they learn how to count in another language, learn the significance of the colours of a nation's flag or try on a national costume.  Au pairs are often proud to share their culture, and they're proud of themselves for speaking before a group. Many do not have the confidence to take part in public speaking before joining Global Awareness and their participation has given them a new found feeling of accomplishment.  They are learning skills that will benefit them wherever they travel in life.

This is the perfect time to get involved with Global Awareness! - As Christmas slowly approaches, you can join just in time to show others how you celebrate the festive season in your country!
Contact your Community Counselor today and let them know that you are interested.  Your counsellor will give you all the information and will help you with materials you may need for presentations
For further information on how to become a Global Awareness Volunteer and who to contact, please visit the website at http://www.globalawareness.aifs.com.  Don't delay.  This is a fabulous opportunity!