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Trek America – Helping You Travel in the U.S


I have just come back from the best 4 weeks ever.  Anyone who gets the chance to take a trip like this should go for it, you won’t regret it!”

For over 30 years Trek America has been leading exciting small group adventure holidays. Au Pairs, take your chance now and travel "off the beaten path" with the specialist in outdoor activity!

This Fall celebrate the beauty of the Wild West as Trek America Offers Wild West Savings.  What better time is there to explore canyon lands, big cities and cowboy and indian culture?   You will also be able to watch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon and hike into the sunset - it's a perfect way to put those Summer days behind you.

Choose from the following treks, which have great discounts -

Westerner 3

Wild West

Footloose National Parks Walk

Footloose Western Dream


For a list of all the tours available through Trek America, click here


Don't miss out on this opportunity.  Contact them today and you could soon be visiting parts of the U.S. you thought you'd never see!