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Meet Our Host Families

American host families come in all shapes and sizes and not one family is alike. Some might live in the city, some might have 4 children and others only 1. Check this space each month as we will be giving you insight into what Au Pair in America host families are really like...


We would love to host an au pair!  We are two energetic parents in our early 40's and have four children, aged between 4 and 10.  My husband works and attends full time graduate school.  We feel that since he has been in school that the children are not receiving as much attention as they deserve.  We leave the house early, and cannot expect anyone to arrive at 5:30am, so someone who lives in the house would be ideal.  Also, we have a young babysitter that watches them occassionally, and the children love to play around with her.  Having someone in the household who's only focus is them is what they deserve. 


New York is a very dynamic, culturally diverse locatoin, and we take every oppportunity to indulge in the food, music and customs of so many different people around us.  We would like to share that experience with you as we do with our children.  I work in New York city everyday and try to bring the children into the city as much as possible.  We have a goal of seeing every attraction that there is, and still have yet to reach it, even living here!  There is so much to do.  We live in a waterfront home, and have two boats, so swimming is a must.  The children are willing to do anything: they just love to get outdoors.


The school year is almost over for the children.  The kids do go to camp from 9am til 3pm Monday through Friday.  Your typical day would be getting up at 7a:30am with the kids and motivating them to get ready for camp.  They are all self sufficient, but still need guidance, otherwise I find them in front of the TV, forgetting to brush their teeth etc.  I live one mile from camp, and they may need to be walked their occassionally.  They need to be picked up at 3pm.  The time in between is yours!   


Important qualities for the au pair would be the ability to swim, speak English, have a tolerance for a busy, sometime noisy household, and a driver's license.  Each child by himself is fine, but sometimes when they get together, they have what I call a 'gang mentality'.  The ability to distract, separate, be firm etc. is sometimes necessary.  They are all fun loving children.  They love to go fishing and clamming over the summer, and I often go with the kids.


I look forward to hearing from you!!!