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Interview with an Au Pair


"I have had so much fun and met some amazing people who I hope will be a part of life for a long time."

These are the words of Gemma Cote from the U.K.  She spent her year in New Jersey and thoroughly enjoyed her experience.  She tells us how the program changed her life and will stay with her for years to come!

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What were your reasons for applying as an au pair? I really wanted to travel in the states, and felt the vest way to do that was to have the security of a home and a family.  I had also worked as nanny in London for over 6 years and I love spending time with children.

Tell us about your host family: My host family are the most wonderful people.  From the moment I arrived they made me feel so welcome, and the children were just adorable.  They are generous, kind and extremely easy going.  Of course there has been times when things were difficult; it;s a bug adjustment living in someone's house, and for them to have someone new live in their house.  However we all adpated well, got to know eachother and for the most part it's been great.  The kids are so happy and they took to me straight away. My host Mom has become onw of my best friends - she is lots of fun and I feel I can talk to her about anything.  I couldn't have wished for a better family to come and be a part of.

Describe the area you live in: I live in a small but pretty town.  The houses are very big and beautiful.  There is a local outdoor pool which is great, because it gets really hot here in the summer.  We also have the most fantastic mall just minutes from our house.

What did you study and why did you choose the course? I am actually doing a weekend trip to Niagra Falls.  I have to write a couple of papers and this is counted as part of my study.  I also did a Spanish course which was fun.

Tell us about any travelling you have done or are planning to do: It's really easy to go away for weekends.  You can do it on a budget but still have fantastic fun, and see some really amazing things.  So far I have been to Montreal, Boston, Vermont - skiing and Philadelphia.  Out of those places I would say that Boston was my favourite.  A big group of us went over for thanks giving and although it was cold, I think Boston is a beautiful city.  Philadelphia was interesting because of all the history.  I'm really looking forward to these trips, especially Disney World in Florida.  I think it's a place every kid dreams about.

What have you gained during the year? I really feel I've learnt a lot about other cultures and religions.  There are so many au pairs that you meet and it's really interesting to learn about their home countries.  I have also grown as a person and learnt that my way is not always the best way.   The people I've come into contact with and the friends that I've made have all influenced me as a person, and I hope in some way that I have had an influence on them.

What has been the best experience so far? Skiing in Vermont was such a great thing to experience because it was something I had wanted to try for a long time.  I have done so many things in the states which I thought would only ever be a dream.

How have you been spending you pocket money? Travelling and shopping!


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