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Dear All,


Well, it's May, the sun is starting to shine and the summer is at last starting to make an appearance here in London!


For those of you already in America, this month's 'Touchdown' has plenty of things to interest you - we're letting you in on all the fun from the recent Community Counselor Service Awards and giving you feedback on why they decided to become Counselors in the first place.  Plus we're giving you information on some very special Trek America tours.


If you're thinking of joining the program, we have lots of great features for you, inlcuding stories from host families, interviews with au pairs and travel opportunities.  We hope these help you in your decision making. If you would still like to be an au pair, we now have an on-line application form, which is part of our new-look website.  Click here to read more.


It’s always lovely to hear from you all so keep letters and pictures coming!  Send them onto us at touchdown@aupairamerica.co.uk.


Wishing you all a great May and June, 


Au Pair in America

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