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Community Counselor Feedback

Ever wondered what your Counselors think of their role with Au Pair in America? We spoke to some of them at the recent Community Counselor Awards to find out what keeps them motivated!

Toby Batansky, Pennsylvania "In 15 years of working with au pairs I am inspired by their sense of adventure to leave their home and country to spend a year living with a family, to take on awesome responsibility to care for and love the children in their chargem take on household responsibilities and to gain new learning through their coursework.
In 15 years of working with host families I am gratified to observe the manner in which most families welcome a new person into their home, entrust them with the care of their most precious possesions and gain a new family member, sometimes forging lifelong connections".
Serving as a counselor is an awesome position!
Emily Van Doren - "What keeps me going? It's the mission - altruisticly seeking world understanding.  It's the people - the au pairs, the host families and the network of terrific Community Counselors working together to achieve the mission.  It's the challenge - trying to achieve the mission with changing technology, changing situations on the local and corporate levels and constantly changing world dynamic".
Helga DeTorres - "The 20 years have been full of wonderful experiences, changes, challenges and it has been an eye opening journey, rich in culture and human encounters that has enriched me as a person, which I am very grateful for!"