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Au Pairs Talk About Global Awareness.

Au Pairs have been visiting American classrooms for two years now as part of the Global Awareness, Meet Your Global Neighbor program.  They take this time to share their countries and cultures with young children and expose them to worlds that though different are also so alike. Following are some quotes from au pairs which summarize their experiences.



“It was a great experience….The kids from both 3rd Grade classes were very interested in all things….They were very good informed for example that Germany now has old and new states. It surprised me. Sometimes it was also kind of difficult for me to think for an answer. But in the end it was only awesome!”
Pauline from Germany

“Our morning at the Academy school went well.  The kids were very prepared with their questions, and I was able to answer most easily (some I stumbled on... oops!!).  The teachers were very nice and helpful, everyone was very friendly to us and that was nice.  It was even neat to hear about what the other APs said about their countries, the kids asked them some questions that I had never thought to ask- I actually learned lots

I would definitely recommend this to future au pairs and your future clusters; I think it was a neat experience, especially to go into an American school.” 
Kelsey from Canada

"For me going to an American school and presenting my home country, South Africa, was a privilege and an honor.  I represented South Africa.  I think that the children found it very interesting to hear about another country.  It was great to see them come inside the room, presenting their 'passports', getting it stamped with a sticker of South Africa, receiving a brochure of South Africa, seeing a video about South Africa and receiving some insight information about South Africa; the people, the culture and the land itself.  I know that there was a lot of information to be taken in by the children.  "Visiting" four or five countries at the "Around the World Day" was a lot, but somewhere one thing of every country got into their brains.  Hopefully that fact or story will be with them all their lives and maybe make a difference in their outlook in life. 

Thank you for inviting me and having me share my country, life, memories and again my love for my country with you.  I'm far away from home in a different country, but that day I felt a little bit closer to my own home country.  Thank you again for that privilige.

Helena Koegelenberg, from South Africa.




We share our au pairs joy and pride when talking about Global Awareness.  What better way is there for us to provide a more stable world for our children than to encourage multi-cultural education at a young age?  We invite you to join our team!


To learn more about the Global Awareness program, visit the website www.globalawareness.aifs.com