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What are the Au Pairs up to?

Your American host family will be in one of our 165 cluster areas in the US.  Each of these is supported by our local Au Pair in America representative - the Community Counselor. 
Last month saw our American office and clusters around the country celebrate Earth Day!


April 22nd saw our American office celebrate Earth Day; a wonderful concept that helps the staff, counselors and participants of Au Pair in America to recognise the importance of the cultural exchange industry and acknowledges that all of all you, as au pairs, represent the future of your countries around the world. 


Earth Day began in 1963, when former Senator Gaylord Nelson began to seriously worry about our planet.  He felt that our world was getting dirty and that many of our plants and animals were dying.  He approached President Kennedy and together they started to bring to light the importance of environmental issues.


In 1969, Senator Nelson realized that an effort would have to be made to draw attention to matters of the environment and decided to devote a special day to recognize the things that needed changing in our world.


On April 22nd 1970, the first Earth Day was held.  Now, people all over the world acknowledge Earth Day and each day become more aware of the efforts that need to be made in order to ensure future generations grow up in a clean and safe world.


Here are some easy ways you can help:

  • Do some herb planting in either planters or a Community garden.  Herbs are easy to grow and can be a great way to have fresh herbs at your fingertips (http://journeytoforever.org/garden_con.html)
  • Become more aware of recycling, not wasting food, walking instead of driving and other ideas that benefit the environment.
  • Don’t know what you want to do with those clothes you no longer want?  Recycle!  Swap them with your friends and you can get whole new outfits for free too.

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