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Car Games for Host Children

As the summer comes to an end and the children prepare for a new school semester, some of you may also be taking that final holiday with your host family.  Perhaps there are some friends or relatives that they’ve not visited yet, maybe they’re treating the children to a long weekend or some may simply want to spend some time in their beach house.   Either way, many of you will travel by car. 
We all know that children can get very bored very quickly on these journeys, so here we’ve given you some handy hints on games you can play in the car.  Why not try some out – they’re a great way to make the journey go quicker!


The Zoo Outside My Window:
Make a game of spotting animals along your route.  Keep score by assigning low points for common animals (dogs and cats earn one point) and higher point for more unusual animals!
What's in the Cup?
Save an empty paper cup and plastic lid from a fast food restaurant.  Secretly drop a few coins in the cup, then shake it and ask the children what's inside.  Use keys, candies etc - anything that will fit in the cup.
Lookout Lotto:
This needs a little bit of preparation but can be a life saver on long car journeys!  Cut pictures out of magazines of things that you are likely to see from the car window during your trip.  Paste them to a piece of cardboard.  Once you're on the road, have the children search for these sights and cross them off with a crayon as they find them.
We hope they help with your holiday fun!