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Travel Stories

You may remember from the last edition of Touchdown that we ran a survey on places you have traveled in your time with Au Pair in America.  We received some really good responses!   You’ve certainly visited lots of different places during your year.  Read below to find out more – who knows, you get some tips for your travel month!


" I've traveled 6 times to NYC, spent my two weeks of at my uncle's house on Long Island and visited the Hamptons.  I'll spend my 13th month travelling from Rhode Island, where I'll spend a few days with my host family, to Boston and from there to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon"  Verena Blattermann, Germany

" I saw all of the West Coast of California - that was an amazing experience and something I'll never forget" Justyna Domanska, Poland

" I went to visit family in San Diego, then went to Vancouver in Canada with my host family.  I did a road trip with my parents to LA, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and lots more" Anita Eitner, Germany

" I've been to Boston, Washington and Philadelphia for short weekend trips and I am off to Memphis for Elvis Week soon!! I'm also planning a trip to Seattle"
Alison Bush, UK