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Au Pair Experiences - My Good and Bad Times

NO TWO people would have experienced the same things while living in America.  In this edition, we are looking at what some of you have decided have been the best and most challenging parts of being an au pair.


My Best Experience
My Challenging Experience
"One day you realize that you can actually understand all the
English people speak"
Anita Eitner - Germany
"Sometimes the kids will push boundaries, especially when you are new" Anita Eitner, Germany

"The family has been great, and there is no way I would have had the opportunity to travel to nine different places if I was back home" Alison Bush, England

"Being away from home when you're feeling sick.  I found that very hard and I really missed my family then" Alison Bush - England

"I have so many great memories and they are all so special.  I can't pick one in general" Mette Sorensen, Denmark

"Adapting to the family and becoming a new family member" Mette Sorensen, Denmark

"Snow, snow, snow and more snow...
Did I mention snow?!"
Bernadine Geduld, South Africa

"My host kids tried their best to make sure I was welcome therefore I honestly felt that I didn't find anything to challenging" Bernadine Geduld, South Africa