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Dear All,


Hello!  Welcome to your Summer issue of Au Pair in America's 'Touchdown' newsletter - designed and crafted for all our au pairs.  Whether you are currently taking part in the program or have completed your placement, we are are here to keep you busy and entertained with lots of interesting articles, tips and ideas for July and August.  We hope you have had a great summer so far.

This issue of Touchdown is packed with tips and ideas on what to do over the summer months, both by yourself or with your host children. Check out our article on inexpensive gifts for children for any new activities you may be looking to do with them, or read up on America's best beaches if you are preparing for some holiday.


If you are new to Touchdown, or are thinking about becoming an au pair, there is plenty to keep you entertained, such as our interview with an au pair, host family story and fruit salad recipe.


Ex au pairs should make note of our Au Pair in America Reunited feature.  This is going to be big, so make sure to sign up today and you will be given the opportunity to catch up with old friends.


We hope you enjoy this issue.  As always, we look forward to reading your comments so please feel free to send any stories or photos to touchdown@aupairamerica.co.uk


Have a great summer!

Au Pair in America

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