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Global Awareness - Future Looks Bright!

Au Pairs who will be  joining Au Pair in America are researching the website and spending a lot of time reading about Global Awareness (www.globalawareness.aifs.com).  So many future au pairs are contacting us to learn more about the program, inquiring how they might join  before they reach the U.S.!



Participation in Global Awareness is open to all au pairs on the Au Pair in America program.  After au pairs have settled into their new homes and adjusted to life with their new host families, they are encouraged to join Global Awareness.  Their Counselors or local program facilitators will guide/support them as they contact elementary and pre-school classroom teachers, plan presentations, and schedule events.  They will have the opportunity to share their cultures with young children through the use of interactive, fun activities.  What could be more fun for children than learning the samba in a music class? How exciting to think that very young children will go home at the end of the day and exclaim, “I met a lady from Brazil, and she was really cool.” 

Young children are eager to learn and have a special opportunity to form positive impressions after participating in a Global Awareness classroom experience.



We share our au pairs joy and pride when talking about Global Awareness.  What better way is there for us to provide a more stable world for our children than to encourage multi-cultural education at a young age?  We invite you to join our team!


To learn more about the Global Awareness program, visit the website www.globalawareness.aifs.com