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Interview with an Au Pair

"It's a great experience - it's important to be responsible but you learn this over time and learn what you want in life.  Share your culture with your host family.  They will definitely appreciate it!"

These are the words of Cristina Belu from Romania.  She spent her year in Indiana and looked after 1 young boy.  Here she tell us about her experiences in America and how she spent the best year of her life!


What were your reasons for applying as an au pair?
Living in a different country with so many things around me was very appealing.  I wanted to improve my English language as well as meet new people and make new friends.

Tell us about your host family:
My family were very special to me.  They tried to make everything nice and comfortable for their guests and I had a really great time with them.

Describe the area you lived in:
Kokomo, Indiana was not a very big town but I really enjoyed it when I needed some peace and quiet.  I spent a lot of time in Indianapolis which is just perfect and is where I have a lot of friends.

What did you study and why did you choose the course?
I studied 'Curriculum in Early Childhood Education' and 'Reading Strategies in College' because these classes are related to what I did back home.  Now I'm an English Teacher so it has worked really well for my future career.

Tell us about any travelling you did:
I travelled with my family in Texas, Chicago and Mexico.  I also visited Washington D.C and around Indiana with my friends.

What have you gained during the year?
I think I am definitely more independent and have improved my English.  I'm more mature know and of course, I know a lot more about America!

What has been the best experience so far?
Meeting all of the girls from around the world and, the best thing, meeting the baby boy I looked after, who was just adorable.

How have you been spending you pocket money?
Traveling and on buying some bargains.  I have really started to enjoy scrapbooking to keep my au pair memories so have spent a bit of money on all of the gadgets.

What did you find most challenging about being an au pair?
To try and deal with any problems you encounter head on.

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