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Meet Our Host Families

American host families come in all shapes and sizes and not one family is alike. Some might live in the city, some might have 4 children and others only 1. Check this space each month as we will be giving you insight into what Au Pair in America host families are really like...




Welcome to America and welcome to our family.  I would like to introduce ourselves.  We are a very international family.   My husband was born in France, I was born in New York, our son was born in London and our daughter in the USA – so we are accustomed to different cultures, countries and values.  Both my husband and I are French originally but have lived abroad for many years.  Both of the kids are bilingual French / English as they go every summer to see the grandparents and now attend a French / American school in the neighborhood.


Both my husband and I work.  My husband works in the hair colorants business so please feel free to ask him all the tricks-of-the-trade!  I work 3 days a week in the cosmetics business.


Our son is a lively and very sociable young boy.  His favourite way to spend a day is to have friends over to play with his remote controlled cars, legos and costumes.  He really enjoys swimming and playing in the pool, or even better, in the waves of the ocean.  Our daughter is a sharp, loving young girl.  She enjoys reading tremendously, and after school she likes to pretend to do some ‘homework’ as her brother does his.  It seems as if she can’t wait to grow up.  Our children get along well (most of the time) and play nicely together.  They really love playing hide and seek around the house or the garden.


Ever since our son was born 7 years ago we have had an au pair live with us from all different countries – France, Scotland, South Africa and Philippines.  We have always enjoyed nice relationships with the different au pairs we welcomed to our house and the children really like having a young person around the house.


As we are not far from the city, we believe we have the best of both worlds – the city buzz whenever we want it and the pleasure of having a nice house in a quiet neighborhood. Our town has a small city center with one long street with shops three minutes away from our house.  There are plenty of activities for you to do in the area.  There are plenty of shopping malls as well as movie theaters and if you enjoy sports there is a public swimming pool, ice skating ring, tennis courts etc.  And last but not least our house is about 1 minute away by foot to the ocean!


Our house has five bedrooms so you will have your own with your private bathroom, both of which have a nice view of the garden.  You will also have your own car, which will be used primarily to drop of the children at school.  The added benefit is that in your free time you have full access to this car to drive wherever you want in the area.  For us the au pairs is a new member to the family who shares our meals (when she feels like it), will come on holiday with us at times.  We hope to make you feel at home very, very fast.  In terms of chores we only expect you to take care of things related to the children, which means tidying up their rooms and ironing their clothes.


And last but not least we really hope you will have lots of fun with us.  We really like the au pairs as they usually have a cheerful, loving, positive attitude!


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