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What are the Au Pairs up to?

Your American host family will be in one of our 165 cluster areas in the US.  Each of these is supported by our local Au Pair in America representative - the Community Counsellor.  Each month the Counsellor arranges a monthly 'get-together' for all the au pairs in the cluster.  These meetings are great fun, whether it's a simple meeting at the Counsellor's home to catch up or great events like white water rafting.  Watch this space to see what cluster events are being arranged...
Making friends through fun and games is an important part of being in an Au Pair Cluster


  • Au Pairs in New England attended a fair that features events such as a circus, horse shows, live bands and entertainment, parades and craft markets.
  • Talent shows took place in one cluster, where au pairs performed for their host families. A great time was had by all!
  • Education is an imporant part of the overall Au Pair in America experience, and this was discussed in details at cluster meetings.  One focused on the differences in educational systems, helping host children have a successful school year and the educational requirements for au pairs.
  • Two Community Counselors took their au pairs to see 'the spirit of America'; a two hour show that relives the heritage of America.


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