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Interview with an Au Pair

"Do it!  It's so much fun and you will have an experience that will stay with you for life"

These are the words of Lilian Guldberg Rasmussen from Canada.  She is spending her year in  Colorado and is thoroughly enjoying her experience.  She tells us how the program has changed her life and will stay with her for years to come!


What were your reasons for applying as an au pair? I wanted to get some life experience, try something new and be able to feel more comfortable speaking the English language. I love to be with kids, and I wanted to be a part of an american family.

Tell us about your host family:  I really like my host family. In fact I don't think that I could have chosen a better one. They are an active, healthy and lovely family, with two sweet boys (aged 4 and 6). I feel like I am a part of the family and they give me lots of good experience.

Describe the area you live in: I live in Boulder, Colorado. It is a wounderful place for a girl like me who likes sport and a lot of outdoor activities. Boulder is only a few hours away from some of the best skiing resorts in the world and I enjoy skiing a lot. We are really close to the rocky mountains so if I feel like going on a hike, the mountains are right there

What did you study and why did you choose the course? I'm studying French right now, because I think it could be great to learn a fourth language. I'm also taking a fittness class at a near by college.  It's important for me to stay fit.

Tell us about any travelling you have done or are planning to do: This march I'm planning to go to New York to visit one of my old school friends who is now living there. In the end of March I'm going to the beach with my host family. I really look forward to my trips away.

What have you gained during the year? What has been the best experience so far? My language skills have improved a lot and I'm gaining much more more confidence.

What has been the best experience so far? Skiing with my host family in Beaver creek was a great experience, and skiing with my friends in Breckenridge was awesome too.

How have you been spending you pocket money? I have been buying a lot during this year, the most expensive was my ski's and my ski pass. Right now I'm saving money for my trip to New York in March .

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