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Meet Our Host Families

American host families come in all shapes and sizes and not one family is alike. Some might live in the city, some might have 4 children and others only 1. Check this space each month as we will be giving you insight into what Au Pair in America host families are really like...




We are a family from Atlanta, Georgia.  I am 39 years old and my husband is 40.  We have been married for 16 years and have two daughters, aged 12 and 6 years old.


Our utmost concern is that the girls receive the best care possible.  It’s very important to us that you have experience or training in caring for young children, have a great deal of patience, know some first aid and be a kind, gentle and honest person. 


Our eldest is a very smart girl.  She is in the 3rd grade and loves going to school.  She is very active and athletic, and loves playing soccer, basketball and swimming.  Our youngest is such a sweetheart.  You will have so much fun with her as you introduce her to reading, new activities and new experiences.  She loves reading books, playing on the computer, playing outside and riding her bicycle.


We want to provide you with many positive activities and experiences while you are in the United States.  We have been participating in the au pair program for 9 years.  We are committed to ensuring that it is a great experience for you and your family!  You will be an integral part of our family, and we want you to have fun, travel and enjoy life with us!  There are so many activities in Atlanta to take part in and observe – a huge new aquarium, several art and natural history museums, theme parks, professional sports, Broadway shows, professional ballet and symphony.  You will also have the opportunity to enrol in classes at a local University.


We are a very active family.  We have many hobbies and enjoy travelling, scuba diving, boating, and snow skiing, cycling and exercising.  We are members of a local gym and attend several times a week.  You would be able to participate in our membership if you would like.  We have a 6-bedroom home where you will have your own large private bedroom and bathroom.  We have a car for you to drive for your work and leisure activities. 


A typical workday might include helping the children get dressed, fix their breakfast and walk them out to the bus stop.  You will then have several hours around the house such as doing the girls’ laundry.  After school they will need to finish their homework and then attend their various activities – dance, swimming, gymnastics etc.  Rarely, if ever, will you have to work on weekends.  Again, we look forward to you joining our family!!  We want you to know that we will work hard to make the next year a wonderful experience for you!


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