The Match


Young women from all around the world apply to Au Pair in America for a variety of reasons such as improving their English, caring for kids in a new culture, meeting new friends and exploring the States. However, they all share the same wish…finding the perfect host family match!
We catch up with our recently returned au pairs to hear their stories and find out their views on adapting to a new culture and family:


Ilaria from Italy was an au pair to a family in Atlanta, Georgia. She lived with a family of three; host mom and two girls aged 5 and 8. They lived in a big house in a pretty neighbourhood, close to downtown.  She describes her host family as...


...“extremely generous and polite, and although it was a little hard dealing with the youngest child, with time she learned to respect me and we had a great relationship. It’s not always easy when you live with someone who has different habits, greetings, social life and food. However, I just did the best I could to understand them and adapt myself to new situations. Thanks to our communication, everything worked out fine”.


Ilaria’s family wanted to make sure she experienced some of America’s greatest attractions. As well as a trip to the breathtaking Grand Canyon she was taken to Disneyland, Florida…twice!


Although experiencing a new culture for the first time can be a challenge, most au pairs find they return home more open minded, confident, and appreciative of their ways of life in their own country. Ilaria says the most valuable thing she gained from her time in America was that...


...“living in a country I’ve never been before, so far away from home with people I didn’t know at all has made me happy and proud of myself.  I am a self –conscious person but doing something that not everyone would do has made me stronger”.


Erica from Brazil was staying with a family just 20 minutes outside of New York. Erica enjoyed her first year so much that she extended her stay another year. She claims that she had “the perfect match” with her host family. Erica points out that those au pairs who have difficulties with their families should not be afraid of re-matching with other families...


...“Sometimes rematch is a good way to keep going…never quit!”





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