What Makes Au Pair in America so Unique?


We may have a top quality matching service, but try matching the qualities of Au Pair in America with other au pair programs and you've got yourself a challenge!

As the largest and most successful cultural exchange organisation, our goal is to ensure you grab the chance to have "The Time of Your Life!" and we must be doing something right with over 4000 placements every year! 91% of our au pairs rate their experience as excellent/good, and 89% would recommend Au pair in America to a friend.

The minute our au pairs arrive in the States, they are met by our AIFS staff. From here on they will have 24 hour support during their entire stay. This begins with a FREE 4 day Orientation in Connecticut, including transfer from the airport to the hotel, childcare training sessions, accommodation and meals, and the chance embark on a tour of NYC!! This is also a great chance to meet up with other new au pairs from across the globe, who are likely to become your great friends.

Not every au pair is lucky enough to receive such great support from their program. One au pair, Claudia from Germany reported a recent TV documentary featuring a lonely au pair whose organization did not look after her:
"She had to fly from Berlin to San Francisco on her own and once there she had to find the building for Orientation on her own. Being with her family it seemed like she didn't have any person (like a Counselor) to talk with. So she had problems finding friends too. Then I thought about my time. We were a big group of au pairs since the start in Frankfurt. Our Community Counselor organized telephone calls from our neighbouring au pairs the first day we arrived at our host families. This helped a lot and I realised how lucky I was to go with AIFS.

We take pride in being able to provide personal support to all of our current, returned, and aspiring au pairs! Erica, an au pair from Brazil points out just how flexible Au Pair in America can be and how we want to assist you in your adventures of a lifetime:
"After my time as an au pair I decided to visit Europe before returning to Brazil, so I contacted Au pair in America and instead of a return ticket to Brazil, they arranged for a flight to London, allowing me to travel for a month around the UK, Spain and Portugal!"

What are you waiting for?!

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