Get Involved in Global Awareness!


As a new school year has now begun, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for more au pairs to join the Global Awareness program and to extend the program further across the United States. 


What does an au pair do when she joins the Global Awareness program? Au Pairs visit American classrooms as part of the Global Awareness, Meet Your Global Neighbor program.  They share their countries and cultures with young children to help them understand while there are many differences there are many things that are alike. They do fun, interactive presentations highlighting areas that would be of interest to young children.  For example, an au pair might share birthday party songs or games that are popular in her country. She might teach the children a song or dance or possibly there will be a language lesson that the children will enjoy.  Many children sit in awe as they listen to a different language and then delight in trying to write and to pronounce the new words.


The possibilities for presentations are endless and the feedback is so positive. Au Pairs, Community Counselors, teachers, host parents and children tell us how exciting it is to have au pairs in the classroom.  Au Pairs are not only sharing, but learning as well.  Since English is not the first language for the majority of au pairs they feel they have added a new skill of public speaking, in English, to their list of achievements.  One au pair plans to sign up for a public speaking class having developed her confidence in the classroom.  The children think the au pairs are “so cool” and the au pairs say that the most enjoyable part of the presentation is answering their questions!  The teachers too are excited to provide this unique opportunity to their classrooms to meet someone personally from another culture and to learn first hand from them—so important in our world today.


To learn more about the Global Awareness program, visit the website and then contact either your community counselor or one of the program developers to join the program. 


We look forward to welcoming you to the Global Awareness program.


Gail Tomanelli and Patricia Jacob

Global Awareness Program Developers





London Office: Au Pair in America, 37 Queen's Gate, London SW7 5HR