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Community Counselor Feedback

Ever wonderd what your Counselors think about their role with Au Pair in America?  We caught up with some of them at the recent Community Counselor Awards to find out what keeps them motivated!

Vikki Truskoski - "As I reflect on my 20 years with this amazing program, I can't help but remember what life was like back in "the day".  We were all feeling our way in the dark.  I had answered an ad in a local newspaper advertising for 'someone in human services with a desire to work with young adults from other countries'.  Sounded good to me!  I began with four families and the fun began.  I have so many wonderful memories of my 16 years as a Community Counselor.  I even managed, during those years, to have two reunions in Europe with au pairs who had gone back home.  The care given to both the host families and au pairs has not changed over the years.  Those of us who work in this program are, indeed, special people who make a difference - bringing the world together!"


Judi Jablonka - "It sounds cliche but it's hard to believe I have been an Au Pair in America counselor for 20 years.  I still fondly chuckle thinking back to my interview.  As I arrived for the interview there was a freak summer thunder storm.  By the time I ran from the car to the hotel building, I was drenched, and felt like a drowned cat!  That scenario seemed to have set the stage for my years as an au pair counselor.  Life has never been dull.  When I thought I had heard it all, something new and unexpected always happens.


I have met some wonderful people throughout the years and have au pairs who I truly call my friends.  They now visit and send pictures of their children!   Recently an au pair sent me a card that brought a tear to my eye - she thanked me for being her counselor, for being the person she could trust.  Then added "you might not know this, but you make the difference!"  This is what it is all about for me.  I want my au pairs to know that they have someone who cares for them while they are in the US.  Au Pair in America is part of my life.  Thanks, AIFS, for sharing it with me."