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Community Counselor Service Awards

You may remember back in May last year we told you about the Community Counselor Service Awards.  In January, Au Pair in America held a very large conference in Cancun, Mexico.  Here, Community Counselors were once again recognized for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years' service.  Can you recognize your Counselor in the list below? 



Five Year Service Award Winners
Amelia Jayne (Michigan), Katja Lewis (New Jersey), Barbara Snyder (North Carolina), Denise Eliopoulos (New Jersey), Kristy Gerstein (Florida), Maha Lubbat (Illinois).
Ten Years
Melinda Brooks (Massachusetts), Anne Wifholm (New Hampshire), Barbara Kahane (Massachusetts), Caren Connelly (Massachusetts), Lori Kinman-Kasberg (Ohio).
Fifteen Years
Andrea Wax (New York) and Dennis Piermattei (New Jersey
And finally...Twenty Year Service Award Winners!
Donna Crudder (Michigan), Judi Jablonka (New York), Pat Jacob (Illinois), Vikki Truskoski (Connecticut).
Our congratulations go to the winners for all of their hard work.