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Workshop Descriptions

One World


Part 1 presented by Denise Eliopoulis and Stephanie Bias, Part 2 by Lois Whipple and Gosia Downes


This workshop will begin with an ice-breaker exercise followed by round table discussions.  The round table topics will be real issues we all have encountered as participants in Au Pair in America.  The objective is to:


  • Promote interaction and trust between the different components of our program. 
  • Deepen our understanding of all participants, respect our cultural differences, and recognize various problem-solving approaches to our common issues

Gain an appreciation for the challenges each segment of our program encounters in achieving the intercultural goals of the Au Pair in America program


Orientation: What, Why and What Lies Ahead


Presented by Jody Landon and Joan Barth


Every au pair shares the common experience of first arrival in the US, a four

day stay in Stamford, Connecticut, and the intensive preparation of the

orientation.  This experience can have a direct impact on her ability to adapt

and adjust.  In this workshop we will give you a look at these first four days

so you are prepared to answer host family questions and deflect the universal

response of au pairs, “No one ever told me THAT”.  In addition, get a first look

at the exciting new interactive pre-departure materials that will change the

way we orient before and after arrival.



Tricks of the Trade


This workshop will focus on giving counselors and interviewers tricks for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.  Components of the workshop include facilitating great mediation sessions, learning what au pairs really want from their cluster meetings, and easy hints for staying on top of all the daily tasks counselors and interviewers need to do.  The session promises to provide you with ideas, instructions and tricks of the trade that will help you work smarter, not harder.



What Au Pairs Wish They Had Known Before They Arrived in the United States


Presented by Jan Murphy, Paulette Millander, Jen Davis, and Terry Magruder


The International participants in this workshop will gain some insight into what

current au pairs wish they had known before their arrival in the US. They will discuss a video of interviews with au pairs and they will also discuss what they were surprised to hear from this video. The interviewers will also share what things they have heard from their recruits after they returned from the US and how they can use this information in helping future recruits.