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Au Pairs Praise Trek America


For over 30 years Trek America has been the specialist in adventure travel across America.  Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of friends they will help you explore national parks, cities and beachs.  Read on to find out what some of our au pairs though about the Trek America experience...



Caroll from Australia (Freedom Trail) - "I am an Australian Au Pair and I went on the Freedom Trail trek in July.  I had the best time and made so many friends from all over the world who I am keeping in contact with.  I hope to one day visit them in their home countries when I continue my travels.  I found it to be such a fun filled week and I didn't ever feel rushed, we fit so much into our trek yet we still managed to find time to chill out and relax.

On the third night we stayed in 'bear country' in Pennsylvania.  We had all been joking around about leaving out food to see if it would attract a bear that night, knowing full well that none of us would actually do that intentionally.  Then when we got up the next day two of the boys were telling us that at six o'clock that morning they had heard some funny noises and looked out of their tent to see a black bear in our campsite walking around and standing on our picnic table.  None of us girls believed them because we thought they were still trying to trick us...that was until they showed us the photos they had taken on their cell phone.  It turns out we had forgotten to lock our trash up the night before and it had attracted the bear!

We all had so much fun on the trek and found it really sad when came time to say goodbye.  I enjoyed myself so much that I am planning to do another trek in my last month.  I recommend it to everyone it is such a good way to see the country and make new friends at the same time!"


Fabinne, from Sweden (Freedom Trail) - "My tour with Trek America was great. I had the best time in my life, we had so much fun and the things I saw are so amazing. Heather the Tour-leader was great.  I plan to make an Alaska tour next year in the summer with TrekAmerica.  I love camping and the time was so great."


Larissa, from Australia (Southern Sun Trail) - "We had the best leader.  He was so helpful, flexible, and understanding.  He went out of his way to do things for us.  I had the time of my life."



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