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Marketing Materials Website
Creating a global, uniform image is crucial to a program of our size and nature, particularly to the marketing of our product.  We have a distinct brand and our marketing materials create a unique image that our customers recognise worldwide.
A well-executed brand and identity helps us compete on a larger playing field, appear professional and stand out from our competitors.  We are proud of the brand we represent and we hope we can count on you to keep our image at a professional level and consistent throughout the many countries that we recruit from.  We are also celebrating Au Pair in America's 20th Anniversary this year - a concept that could be a great tool to use when thinking of new ways to promote the program.
This site provides examples of flyers, posters and brochures created by our worldwide agent network.  We hope that sharing these with you will provide you with new design ideas and marketing ideas.
The Au Pair in America Team