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Family 1


Our family lives in Orlando, Florida.  Orlando is a beautiful city well known for Disney World and other attractions.  Orlando is in central Florida, a 45 minute ride to Daytona Beach.  We live in suburban Orlando in a five-bedroom home with a large backyard, close to Disney World.


Mom is a doctor and works at a private office.  Dad is a mechanical engineer and works as an office manager.  His hobbies are cars and football games.  Our daughter is a curious 5-year old girl.  She’s the center of our family.  She brings joy, dancing and endless playing for us.  She wakes up in the morning ready to go and explore the world.  While she has her breakfast she watches her favourite TV show.  She goes to school 5 days a week – there she plays with her friends, learns colors, numbers and reads books.  In the afternoons she likes to swim in our family pool.  She’s a good swimmer and is never tired of it.  She has endless energy and enjoys running and playing with toys.  Orlando’s beautiful sunny weather allows her to play outdoors throughout the year.


Our family likes good food, most of all grilled meat and vegetables.  We try to have family dinner every evening.  Our daughter’s favorite food is chicken.  Orlando offers continuous entertainment for the whole family.  We visit parks often and go for long walks.  Our friends come from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures as we’ve lived in Canada and Europe.  We’re looking for a dedicated, self motivated au pair who will take good care of our daughter.  She must like working with active children and be a good swimmer and driver.  She will responsible to take our daughter to and from school.  We expect our au pair to be an integral member of the family and enrich our lives with her culture and background.


Family 2


We are very excited to have you join our family.  To give you a better view of who we are, we thought we would write you a quick letter to tell you a bit more about us.


We moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, 3 years ago from London.  Indianapolis is in the heart of the American Midwest.  We are three hours from Chicago and St. Louis and two hours from Cincinnati.  Our house is in a very nice neighborhood and has six bedrooms.  You may have heard of Indianapolis as it’s the home of the American Grand Prix Auto Race.  It’s a very nice city with several Universities and many activities for young people.  It is also known as the capital of Jazz music for the Midwest and many bands and singers come here to perform. 


My husband work as a Director for a company – he works mostly in town but travels roughly once a month to visit the countries he’s responsible for.   I’ve recently left my job in Chicago to start up my own business.  It’s very exciting but a lot of work.  Because there are times when we work long hours we decided to have an au pair, therefore we are looking to have you join our busy family.  Between the children, there is plenty for everyone!!    Our daughter is a very happy, active and talkative toddler.  She loves dancing and swinging outside and copying everything her big brother does.  She takes music class and gymnastic class, which she loves.  During her school year her big brother goes to school 5 days a week.  He loves his school, is a great reader and his favourite toys are his hot wheel cars.  He plays piano, is on the soccer team, loves to swim and ride his bike.  Both children are very outgoing, friendly and happy and love to play with other children.


I hope this gives you an idea of who we are and that you are as excited to be our au pair as we are to have you.  We look forward to your arrival.


Family 3


Hi There!  I speak for my entire family by expressing how excited we are to share our lives with an au pair from Au Pair in America.  We have two children and another one on the way.  Our eldest is 5-years old and attends Kindergarten five full days each week.  Our youngest is 2 and goes to day care three full days each week while I work.  On the two days that I don’t work I love spending time with the children.  I’ll still go back to work after our next baby is born but will spend my two ‘off days’ with my two youngest children.


On the weekends we usually spend time as a family.  Our eldest has started to play organized sports so we usually all go to watch him play.  We also like to take the children to a variety of other activities, such as playing at the park, playing minature golf, swimming and visiting bookstores.  Both children love their family, especially their grandparents.  We are very fortunate to have both sets here in Atlanta.


We want the au pair to feel at ease in our home and to be treated with respect.  We want, in return, a loving and caring individual who will listen and follow our requests as to how the newborn should be cared for (e.g. feedings, sleeping etc.) as well as how our other children should be treated.   It’s very important for our children to be independent and self-assured. We hope to find an au pair who fits into our family and teaches us about her culture as well.  Most importantly, we want our children to be safe and to have someone that gives them a great start in life.



Family 4


We’re a family of four whose spare time is centered on the children’s activities.  Our son plays soccer and has gymnastics classes on the weekends and our daughter is taking a parent/tot gymnastics class on the weekends as well.  We also usually use weekends to spend time together doing things as a family.  While an au pair would have weekends off, she could – if she wanted – go biking with us or out for a meal with us.  She’d be very welcome.


I’ve lived in Spain, Mexico and Colombia and have a great appreciation for both Latin American and Spanish culture.  We have a finished basement room, which is currently the children’s playroom that we can convert to a bedroom; we’re also considering having the children share a room in order to free up one of the upstairs bedrooms for the au pair.  We are happy to get the au pair’s preference – privacy (basement) versus convenience (upstairs) and then we can fix up one of the rooms to be comfortable for her.


By the time the au pair comes our eldest will be back in pre-school.  Usually the weekdays are about getting him up, fed and ready for school and taking him, along with our daughter to school, which is just a few blocks away.  Then you‘d have a few hours with our daughter to play at the park or at home, go to playgroup etc.


Our daughter loves to do what her big brother does so we have to take extra care at the playground and other places to make sure she is safe.  Our son is also a wonderful and funny kid.  He likes to be active and also to spend one on one time with grown ups.  More and more these days he also likes to spend time with his friends.  He sometimes gets quite frustrated when his little sister wants his toys or takes something from him.  We live in a suburb of Chicago.  You can take a commuter train into the city and be downtown in about 45 minutes.  It can make for a fun day to go into the city for a day of shopping or to visit the museums or parks and, in the summer, there are a lot of free concerts in both our town and in Chicago.  If the au pair has any particular interests it’s likely there’s an organization or club here she can get involved in.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you and hope one day to meet you in person and have you come live with us in our home and be part of our family. 


Family 5


I hope this describes our family and what we are looking for in an au pair – our family life is pretty casual.  We do go to some formal gatherings but most of the time we’re pretty relaxed.  Although I try to stay organized around the house it’s always a challenge for me so our home is comfortable but not neat as a pin.  My husband has an office at home but usually works in his office building.  He doesn’t travel a lot and he is home for dinner more often than not, although he does work late often.  He usually doesn’t go to work on the weekends, but does work at home in his office.  I used to be a teacher – I miss it a lot but would rather spend time with my children, especially while they are small.


Our kids’ schedules are not complicated.  Our daughter goes to nursery school every morning.  Often I try to get some housework done in that time, especially if there’s any after school activities going on.  At around 5pm I’m usually home starting to get dinner ready and the children will play or watch a little TV – I don’t mind them watching a little bit of it every day, but not too much.  If my husband is going to be home for dinner he’s usually in by about 6pm, which is when we eat.  After dinner, one of us will usually give the children a bath.  Our youngest will go to bed after this and our daughter will go to bed about an hour later. After the children are in bed I’ll try my best to do some housework. 


On weekends we like to go out with the kids to special festivities or events.  We often go over to my parent’s house for dinner.  My husband’s parents live about 2 hours away so we go there several times a year also.  We make trips to the beach in the summer and will try and get somewhere warm for a break in the winter.


One of the main reasons I’m looking for an au pair is because I need more help taking care of the children and to provide consistency and security for the children instead of having different babysitters.  I hope that an au pair can bond with the children and become part of our family.  I’m also looking forward to giving a young person the opportunity to come learn about America and American culture and would look forward to learning more about her country and culture.  We’re looking for an au pair who is kind and loving with children.  We need someone who is experienced with infants and toddlers as our 16-month is extremely active and curious and is able to find trouble everywhere!  He really keeps us on our toes so we need someone who can keep up with him and even stay one step ahead of him!  Both of our children are generally well behaved but like most kids can test the limits and also forget the rules at times.  We need someone who is able to provide kind yet firm limits for them.  We’d like our au pair to feel welcome to participate in family activities outside of her work time, yet at the same time we expect that she might want to spend time with friends or just on her own and we respect that.  I hope we’ve given some insight into our family and the kind of relationship we’re looking for with an au pair.