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Hi there, and WELCOME to the Au Pair in America ambassador website, especially designed for you, our valued Ambassador!


Young women interested in the program find they can easily relate to someone of their own age and those who have actually been there, done that and, quite literally, worn the t-shirt!!  That's why you are so important to us and our recruitment efforts.


We’d like to say a big thanks to each and every one of you who is working so hard to recruit new au pairs.  Some of your responses have been amazing, and many new au pairs have been recruited as a result of your achievements.  We here at Au Pair in America have created this site so that you can access your kit from the Internet, download more referral vouchers and find tips and ideas on how you can promote the program in your home country.  You will also find an example of the presentation script that you can use as a guideline if you are going to be involved in college presentations, open days or any other events.  You can also pick up plenty of tips from our “Top Earner" article, which will have you ready to spread the word in no time


We hope you enjoy the site and find it helps you on your way.  Don’t forget to send us your feedback…we love catching up and finding out what you’ve been up to since returning home.


Take care, and happy recruiting!


The Au Pair in America Team