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Top Earner: My Success as an Ambassador


Meet Daniela Opris from Romania.  She is this year's most successful Au Pair in America Ambassador and has managed to earn over US$1,500 since she took on the role in 2004!


Read on to discover her motivations, her fascinating ambassador experiences and the secrets of her success!!


“After I returned home from America I made one crucial conclusion: that being an au pair in America was the best year of my life and gave me power, trust, confidence in myself and my abilities.  The year I spent there made me much better with communication, so when I first started my ambassador job I called my ex-classmates from college, because they were all teachers, then I asked around all my friends for help with ideas on how to promote the program.


I wouldn’t say being an Au Pair in America Ambassador is a hard job, mainly because I have a wonderful time; I enjoy sharing my experiences with the girls that I meet and I want them all to have the great chance that I did.  I think my success lies in the fact that I’m very optimistic and sociable; whenever I meet a new girl I ask her if she would like to join the program.

When I first started the role, most of my referrals were friends of mine.  Eventually it started working like a chain: I referred a friend, then she would have a relative that was interested or another friend, and so on.  Since the spring though I’ve become much better:  I’ve been to high schools and colleges to do presentations.  Au Pair in America will have lots of referrals from me this summer!


The best tip I could give to other ambassadors is to draw on their own experience and express their own opinion about the program.  It’s always good to be enthusiastic (if you don’t believe in the program then it’ll never work) and give girls all the details.   Tell them about the highs and the lows so that they will have a better idea of what to expect.  This way she will be much better prepared for life as an au pair.  I always tell my referrals that Au Pair in America is the best and most organised au pair program that I have come across!”