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How to Claim Your US$50

Simply follow these 3 steps!


  1. Make contact!  Your local agency must know that you are an Ambassador so that they can include your details in the au pair’s application.  This is done on Interview Report and automatically notifies us of the referral. Please contact us if you cannot get in touch with your agency.

  2. Do business!  Hand out your Ambassador business cards (you will soon receive these in the post – while you wait, please make sure you write your full name down somewhere safe!) to potential applicants so that they can include your full name and surname in their application (Pre-Interview Application form).  This automatically notifies us of the referral.

  3. Tell us!  If the agency or applicant has not included your details in the application, send an email to ambassador@aupairamerica.co.uk so that we can make manually make the referral. Make sure you do this before the applicant has attended an Interview. Any referrals made after this cut off point will not be counted.

Payment Details

If you haven't already, please make sure you have told us how you would like to be paid for your referrals. This can be by Cheque or Bank Transfer. It is probably best if you ask your bank what the cheapest and easiest option would be for processing a foreign payment. We need these details before we can pay you. Please email your preference to ambassador@aupairamerica.co.uk